Working Bird And Blend Discount Code SPOOKTEA For Free Sample Packs

Why hello!

I'm assuming you were brought here because you love the Generally Spooky podcast and want to show you're support. Or maybe you're just googling around for a Bird and Blend Tea discount code.

Doesn't matter, because promo code SPOOKTEA will get you a free samples pack added to your order. It usually costs £3 so it's a nice little extra on your order and allows you to try out some of the wonderful teas on offer on top of what you've ordered.

There isn't a minimum order price, and it doesn't matter what country you're shipping to.

But the best part is, This Bird and Blend discount code actually works!

Too often have I spent time googling around only to get offered 10% an order somewhere, you click the link, try the code, and it's a total bust.

And on the cycle goes as different codes offer free shipping, money off, and all take you to the Bird and Blend Tea website while not actually getting you any money off.

So while a free sample pack won't save you a fortune, it will bring you a nice bonus when you're delicious tea arrives.

So once again, the bird and blend discount code is SPOOKTEA, just enter it at checkout and the samples get added.

P.S if you haven't tried it yet you absolutely have to try their Chocolate Digestive Tea, it is heavenly, and I have no idea quite how they manage it but they have in fact managed to make a tea that tastes just like chocolate digestives.

We make it with a splash of milk and a sweetener added but you can feel free to have it anyway you like, that's just how Eilidh likes it for when we're recording a podcast.

P.P.S did you get it? voucher code SPOOKTEA, as in Spooky?? Bird and blend are doing something right.