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My new favorite podcast

As a big fan of history, all things spooky, true crime, and Scotland in general, Generally Spooky has quickly become my new favorite podcast. The hosts are wonderful, as are the stories—when I first started listening, I was surprised to find out this show doesn’t have thousands of subscribers (yet). It’s that good! I live in LA but each episode transports me somewhere new.

mmmeggan via Apple Podcasts


Absolutely adore this podcast

I love this podcast so much that I downloaded the podcast app just to leave a review. I live in Las Vegas, but listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m in the Highlands sharing a mug of tea with two pals listening to spooky history. I rate this podcast 17 coffins.

Lovejamienicole via Apple Podcasts


Found too late!

I started listening about a month ago when I had to cancel my Scotland trip. The places and stories that they talk about is so wonderful! It makes me feel like I’m there wandering about the ruins and castles! The chatter is so adorable. These two make me feel like I’m there with them enjoying a dram or a tea with them. My only complaint is that I wish I’d have found them sooner!!

NeeNeeMomma via Apple Podcasts


I love it! Keep it going!

I love it! Keep it going! I’ve almost finished listening to these podcasts and I'm really, really enjoying them! Although English, I love Scottish history and I love spooky stories.... So this is perfect! I'd also give them 17 ⚰️! Thank you guys!

Jessh_2 via Apple Podcasts


Just what I’ve been listening for

Really enjoying the podcast. It’s great to hear amazing spooky stories from our (Scotland’s) history in so much detail! I’d give it 17 coffins too 😁

A, Hambo via Apple Podcasts


My favorite podcast!

An American listener, fancier of history, enthralled by all things macabre & spooky! Also a verifiable clan Elliot border reiver. This is the perfect podcast! Wonderful hosts. Phenomenal research. Checks all the boxes of intrigue! 10/10 highly recommend! :)

Darcey Darling via Apple Podcasts