Join Highlander husband-and-wife team, Kieran and Eilidh, as they dive into the myths and legends of their homeland once a week.

If you love learning about history, like settling in to listen to a good story, or just enjoy getting a little spooked, then this is the podcast for you.



Eilidh is the heart and soul of this podcast. And yes, Kieran is the one writing this.

She’s followed her lifelong interest in true crime and mythology to bring her here, and combines it with her passion for storytelling and skills in research to bring us the podcast.

She finds our stories, writes the script and tells me a spooky story from Scotland each week.

She’s also an avid knitter and when she isn’t trying to give me nightmares, Eilidh runs her own hand-dyed yarn business from our home in the Highlands.


Kieran is the lucky one who gets to settle in and be told a story every week by his wife. He shoulders the title of “the funny one” with grace and poise. And doesn’t like talking about himself in the third person.

However, he’s not a complete layabout! Kieran uses his knack for problem-solving and skills with IT to manage and run everything to do with the podcast.

When he isn’t hiding under the covers listening to ghost stories, Kieran runs a coffee blog, plays guitar and spends the rest of his time being hassled by their dog, Odin