About Generally Spooky History

Join Highlander husband-and-wife duo - Eilidh and Kieran - for the deep dive into Scotland's spooky history.

Every week, we bring you a different tale from Scotland's past and each one is more grisly, mysterious and unexpected than the last!

If you're passionate about history and love settling in for a good story, then this is the podcast for you.


Eilidh Generally Spooky History

Eilidh is our resident research and script gremlin, she researches and writes all of our episodes. It's a lifelong interest in history, folklore and telling people about this cool thing that happened one time that led her to podcasting.

She studied English, Journalism and Creative Writing at uni, which is the justification she gives as to why the house is packed to bursting with books and she shouldn't even try to resist picking up even more. 

When she isn't podcasting, you can usually find Eilidh knitting in a pile of yarn, digging in the garden or watching Bob's Burgers.


Kieran Generally Spooky Podcast

Kieran is the one thing stopping our lovely, funny podcast from becoming a humdrum history lecture and truly makes it what it is. He also edits all of our content and manages our website, using all of his IT superpowers. 

When he isn't settling in for a good story, Kieran runs his own business, helping people grow their own podcast. Check out his site Platform Podcasting or follow him on Medium or Twitter.

He's a man of many talents: guitar-playing, coffee-making and Odin-wrangling to name just a few. Oh, and gaming. He's a lifelong devotee of the gaming console.